Alan is so perfect *-*

Alan is so perfect *-*


Come get your daily dose of shred with us! 🎸🎶😈


Come get your daily dose of shred with us! 🎸🎶😈


B:eta - *stares at the baby’s eyes* I want your youth

C:ode - Awww *baby starts to cry* SOMEONE TAKE THE THING

D:elta - *pokes* Cute. *pokes* *Baby bites his finger* FFFFFFF

E:psilon - *holds the baby by its ankles* Ok how does this work

F:ie - *looks at the baby* *baby starts to cry*



Face claim: AlphaBAT’s I:ota/Shin Selin
Name: Shin Selin
Nickname(s): I:ota
Age: 19
Birth date: June 5th, 1994                                           

Hair: blonde; shaved sides; usually worn messy or hidden beneath a hat
Eyes: brown
Height: 173cm
Weight: 63kg
Appearance: Selin is fierce and gives off an almost unapproachable aura. He’s not particularly tall, but he’s still thin, slender, and toned. He has multiple piercings in each of his ears, most of them in his left, spaced unevenly from his lobe and up through the cartilage. There is also a tattoo on his right shoulder blade, but he keeps it covered up because it’s the tag for the mafia gang that he was associated with. Currently, there is a hole in his lip where he had a lip ring torn out and he has to wait for it to heal before he can get it pierced again. 

Occupation: unknown; street dancer/fighter
Education: unknown 

Sexuality: gay; still “in the closet”

Personality: Selin is quiet, but don’t mistake this trait for shyness; he’s calculative, and should you find yourself in a room with him where he’s not speaking or interacting, you should fear - probably for your life. He’s witty but it takes a moment for him to process comebacks and form them so that he doesn’t sound like an idiot when he speaks - and it usually works, though not always. He’s also secretive and mysterious, extremely elusive to questions about his past, most of which he blatantly ignores. In contrast, he can also be quite sassy when he feels like it, though it’s hard to distinguish between sarcasm and seriousness.
Background: Selin is like a ghost. He blends into the background and only appears when he wants to be seen, not a moment before and not a moment longer. As such, he doesn’t share anything with anyone. It’s been this way since his preteen years. {Background will be edited when Mun can get the muse to talk.}

Other: He’s close friends with Sanha, Yeongjin, Sanghoon, and Yeonsoo.

Running from: His past; the mafia and his ties to it.

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Blessthefall by Jannik Holdt on Flickr.

Blessthefall by Charlotte Davidson - Frame57 on Flickr.

Beau Bokan | blessthefall (by corbinalvae)


Beau Bokan | blessthefall (by corbinalvae)

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